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We help our customers ensure their software is secure and reliable. Our source code analysis tools have analyzed billions of lines of code across the mobile device, automotive, consumer electronics, medical technologies, telecom, military and aerospace sectors. When software defects are not an option, organizations turn to Klocwork.


50% reduction

in the number of defects found during System Test

The addition of Klocwork's best-of-breed source code analysis solution for identifying defects early in the development process will allow us to further enhance our reputation for market leadership and innovation while reducing our development costs and improving the development process.
Orly Nicklass, Ph.D.Head of R&D of Carrier Switches, Nokia Siemens Networks

Klocwork helps dial up software security for 5 of the top 6 global mobile manufacturers.

We chose Klocwork over other competing software quality assurance tools because of prior success within other Motorola groups, its incredible performance in our rigorous real world testing scenario, and its ability to report the most effective findings.
Faridah Gozleveli Science Advisory Board Associate, Motorola

Ensuring High-Reliability

Sencore Case Study

Sencore needed the best tool to catch software defects to ensure high-reliability video transmissions to their customers. Learn why they turned to Klocwork Insight to identify memory leaks and critical defects.

John Hopkins University

Saved 900 person hours in 5 months

As a medical device developer, our software can have a profound impact on peoples' lives. We therefore do everything possible to ensure that our work product is of the highest quality...Klocwork has become one of the most important tools in our arsenal.
Dan SterlingPresident, Sterling Medical Devices

When lives are on the line, 7 of the top 10 medical device companies turn to Klocwork for FDA standards compliance and critical defect detection.

Locating every possible weakness is important in the medical sector, and Klocwork Insight has given us immense trust in our applications.
Christian Ehringer Test Manager, Stockert

Addressing FDA Validation

Stockert GmbH Case Study

As a manufacturer of medical electronics, meeting FDA standards is crucial to Stockert. Learn how Klocwork helped them achieve FDA certification, gain trust in their code quality and increase development efficiency.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


savings on a 365K line of code project

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With Klocwork, our productivity has dramatically increased, leaving us with more time to mitigate any potential problems leveraging the 'what if' testing. As a result, our end product is stronger and Raytheon can get the end product to our customers more quickly than before.
Robert YoungSoftware Engineer, Raytheon Network Centric Systems

The top 5 US aerospace and defense firms rely on Klocwork to ensure their mission critical software is free from vulnerabilities.

Our system has to be extremely reliable and secure...our developers have learned to rely on Klocwork's source code analysis tools. With coding mistakes identified and addressed, they can concentrate on higher-value work such as making sure that the software design is correct and the code is clean and maintainable.
Jim Bird Co-founder and CTO, BIDS Trading

Overcoming Challenges of Legacy Code

Raytheon Case Study

Offering network solutions for government and defense customers, Raytheon had two challenges: frequent use of legacy code and the unavailability of the original developers meant new developers had to come up to speed quickly; and the need to run 'what if' scenarios.


less cost per defect

We chose Klocwork Insight for our source code analysis needs as it combines fast, effective issue detection and filtering with a competent structural analysis of a program. This provides our analysts with a clear understanding of where security and quality issues could arise.
Phil AshbySenior IT Security Specialist at BT

8 of the top 10 global communications & network providers rely on Klocwork to ensure their infrastructure is defect free and secure.

Our code is more stable and reliable today, and I would say we are in a best-in-class category when compared to other software companies in the industry. I'm convinced that Klocwork has helped raise the bar on our software quality.
Jami Stanek Manager of Engineering at Polycom

Proactive Approach to Quality Assurance

Overture Case Study

Overture has a zero-tolerance policy for in-field failures. Learn how they evaluated competing source code analysis tools and implemented Klocwork to ensure potentially outage-causing defects don't make it into the field.