We're committed to providing easily accessible information, learning products, and services that maximize the productivity and effectiveness of our customers. Learn more about the support options available to you.

Access to Support

Registered users can create and view their support requests 24x7, access forums, product documentation, technical notes and download software.

  • If you have an existing support account, log in at our Developer Network and create a new support request.
  • If you are a customer without an existing login, send us your account information, name and email address and we will create an account for you.

Support resources

Support policies

For Klocwork customers with valid maintenance, we provide telephone, on-line and electronic mail support on technical issues relating to the software on business days.

On-line services include Customer Ticketing system, User Forums, Customer Documentation archives, Release Installer and Patch repository, and secure file-transfer services.

We will provide Workarounds, Patches, Maintenance Releases or Major Releases for reported problems in accordance with our detailed support policies.

We also provide Professional Services. Such services shall be provided on the terms and conditions set out in the standard Consulting Services Agreement.