Automate your C/C++ code refactoring

Klocwork refactoring simplifies the task of maintaining your C/C++ code within Visual Studio or Eclipse. Built-in C/C++ 11 refactoring provides a consistent, refactoring discipline that helps you improve your code structure. It enables you to automatically abstract code into re-usable and understandable segments, ensures things are expressed as few times as possible, saves time on future code modifications and more.

Nimble, Powerful Refactoring

Automatically clean-up your code within your IDE and make it easier to understand. Built-in refactoring makes it easy, for example, to rename entities, make identifier names more meaningful, introduce variables to simplify complicated expressions, or add inline variables that replace all occurrences of a given value with its initial value.

A closer look at your desktop refactoring experience

Unlike other refactoring tools, Klocwork Refactoring leverages all the semantic knowledge about your code from our desktop analysis functions. This enables intelligent clone detection when extracting methods or introducing variables, and a thorough inspection of all invocations of a method/function when attempting to inline. A one-click usability model enables you to quickly gauge the state of your code and improve its design without having to access separate views or dialogs. Whether you need to revisit some of your own software or code created by a colleague, we enable you to create reusable, understandable code with ease, and ensure modifications don't cause issues elsewhere in the code base.

Klocwork is used in many of the largest, most demanding software development environments in the world. Try it on your code today by requesting a free product trial.

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