Produce security hardened, mission critical software. Developers rapidly correct security weaknesses as code is being written with Klocwork on-the-fly analysis at the desktop.

Application security from the start

Application security should never be an afterthought. With Klocwork, code security is emphasized throughout the development process starting at the developer desktop through code review. Our comprehensive source code analysis engine and thorough suite of security checkers combined with build reporting by defect and coding standard type creates a systematic and proactive environment to ensure code security.

Find weaknesses the instant they're created

Mimicking a spell checker, Klocwork instantly underlines defects as developers are writing code. In the background, sophisticated syntax and dataflow analysis, build comprehension, and incremental analysis are continuously running to ensure thorough and highly accurate identification of security vulnerabilities. With an analysis time that's measured in milliseconds, Klocwork mirrors where and how developers work.
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Absolute leader in embedded security

The costs and risks associated with security defects in embedded software are staggering, so releasing vulnerable code is not an option. Those organizations rely on Klocwork. The most robust and comprehensive defect coverage for C/C++, Linux environment support, highly tunable analysis and unparalleled coverage for major coding standards are why Klocwork is the absolute leader in embedded security. 
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Adhere to industry standards

Klocwork standards compliance and security checkers mean your code is conformant and secure from the moment it's written. Klocwork offers the most comprehensive defect coverage, reporting and compliance for numerous standards and regulations including MISRA, CWE, CERT, ISO-26262, FDA, OWASP, SAMATE, DISA STIG and DO-178B.
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