Klocwork 10. Faster delivery of secure, reliable, and conformant code with source code analysis.

Faster delivery of secure, reliable, and conformant code

As teams develop code with more features, shorter timelines, and stricter standards than ever before, it gets increasingly difficult to find bugs and fix security flaws. With this complexity, how do we stop data breaches and application crashes before they're passed on to the customer? How do we find them earlier in the process, so developers can spend more time creating real value for the customer rather than fixing defective code?

It starts at the developer's desktop. It's here where code is written, tested, reviewed, and written again. Finding problems here, at the earliest possible point before the build, means less testing later on and fewer downstream impacts to cost and schedule. Klocwork puts static code analysis at the desktop, identifying critical safety, reliability, and coding standards issues in front of developers' eyes - well before check in.

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What makes Klocwork different?

Unlike other static code analysis tools, Klocwork integrates seamlessly into desktop IDEs and into your team's natural workflow. Mirroring how code is developed, Klocwork prevents defects and finds vulnerabilities on-the-fly, as code is being written.

Take corrective action immediately - before builds - to deliver more secure and reliable code.

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Hi Morley here. I'm going to show you how Klocwork Insight analysis and productivity tools can improve the security and reliability of your code.

We'll also look at a couple of optional components that reduce the pain of code reviews and improve code base architecture.

OK, Let's get started.

Developers are key players in defending code against defects. Arming them with effective, easy-to-use tools is essential.

Every developer can use Insight. Our plug-ins integrate with top industry IDEs, including Visual Studio, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA, putting defect detection right into the developer workflow.

Users of text editors or unsupported IDEs have the option of Klocwork Desktop or command-line tools.

In Visual Studio, on-the-fly analysis detects defects as fast as developers code.

As developers work on new features and debug, they can be confident that desktop analysis will detect security vulnerabilities and critical defects.

Built-in C/C++ refactoring allows developers to improve code structure and reduce risk on the fly.

Here you can see how the function is extracted and replaced with a function call.

Developers are also alerted to other instances where this function occurs, making it possible to refactor in multiple places with a single click.

Klocwork Cahoots, our optional code review add-on, makes it dead-simple to launch pre-checkin code reviews from within an IDE. Post-checkin code reviews are also supported.

Defects identified by Insight are integrated into Cahoots, allowing developers to collaborate on proposed fixes.

Participating in code reviews is also a breeze. Cahoots provides a familiar social network look and feel, allowing team members to follow each other, projects and even code paths, and receive notifications of comments and pending actions.

After developers check their code in, Insight monitors the build process and uses data flow analysis to detect defects, and generate metrics and architectural information.

Build analysis data is then loaded into architectural analysis and reporting tools, giving development managers instant visibility across projects and code branches.

Software architects can optimize software design, maximize code reuse and conduct detailed impact analysis thanks to integrations with Headway Software's Structure 101 and Lattix LDM.

Klocwork Review is Insight's web interface for reporting and project management.

Out-of-the-box support for leading security standards like MISRA, CWE, DISA-STIG and OWASP make it simpler to track code compliance in software builds and on developer desktops. Tweak default coding standards or create your own using Insight's 200+ checkers.

Drag-and-drop reporting makes it easy to create almost any report to answer questions about the security and reliability of your code base.

Get fast information about how defects are distributed in the current build or across modules. Drill down into problematic components and assign critical defects to specific developers.

Create build custom dashboards to monitor key metrics, look for trends and make decisions to improve the development process.

From early defect detection at the developer desktop to powerful build reporting and architecture tools, Klocwork Insight is designed to help you ensure the security and reliability of your source code.

Thanks for watching!

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