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Klocwork Professional Services

Klocwork doesn't just offer the most advanced and robust source code analysis products available; we are deeply committed to ensuring that our clients are successful and self sufficient with the technology that we provide.

We are here to lend a hand every step along the way including guidance with deployment, hands on training for your team and assistance with custom integrations. Klocwork has assembled a world-class professional services team led by some of the industry's most respected consultants.

We are here to help, so email us at any time for more information.

The Professional Services Advantage

  • Get the expertise and industry experience you need to ensure success
  • Reduce the learning curve for your team, getting you deployed and educated faster
  • Receive planning and risk management advice from industry experts
  • Absorb effective knowledge transfer through hands on training
  • Achieve self-sufficiency

Klocwork Kickstart Services

Implementing a static analysis tool requires careful planning and ongoing communication within your organization. The Klocwork Kickstart Service Package is an essential part of this process, helping you start your deployment off on the right foot. We have standard 3-day, 5-day and 10-day packages as well as custom packages tailored to suit your specific requirements and environment. Our kickstart services include:

  • Discovery session
  • Deployment plan document
  • Installation and setup
  • Build integration and project configuration
  • System tuning
  • Taxonomy definition
  • Desktop installation
  • User training

Migration Services

Klocwork migration services are designed to help you transition to the latest version of Klocwork Insight. Our team will provide a comprehensive, efficient plan and then assist with deployment so you will be up and running in no time. Migration services include:

  • Assessment and planning workshop
  • Migration plan including configuration, backup, training and verification strategies
  • Implementation, including full installation, data migration, testing and validation

Have questions? Ready to get started? Email us today.

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