Solutions - Streamline DO-178B Certification

Published by RTCA, Incorporated the DO-178B guidance is a set of best practices to ensure the safety and reliability of airborne software systems and has become the de facto standard used by development teams to achieve FAA approval for their software.

Given the growth in complexity of airborne software systems, the use of automated tools is necessary in order to successfully deliver these projects on-time and on-budget. Klocwork's source code analysis tools can assist in addressing key areas of the DO-178B guidance, specifically several objectives in the Software Verification and Software Lifecycle Data sections. The use of Klocwork Insight helps automate time consuming tasks to streamline the development effort required to achieve DO-178B certification.

Tool Qualification

As a static source code analysis tool, Klocwork Insight is classified as a software verification tool by the DO-178B guidance and its use on any particular project needs to be qualified by the customer. Klocwork assists in this process by providing a Qualification Package that includes the following deliverables:

  • Tool Qualification Plan
  • Tool Operational Requirements
  • Tool Qualification Data

These deliverables will allow customers to realize the productivity improvements obtained from Klocwork Insight combined with a streamlined tool qualification process.

Partnering for Success

Klocwork has established a partnership with ENEA, a global leader in safety-critical software and services. ENEA provides a full spectrum of DO-178B services including training, consulting and engineering capabilities. Their on-staff Designated Engineering Representative (DER) can ensure customers meet their DO-178B compliance goals. This partnership provides customers with a best of breed solution:

  • Proven, market leading source code analysis tools
  • Established, reputable DO-178B services expertise
  • Standardized tool qualification package

Get More Info

Download our DO-178B whitepaper for details on the specific Klocwork Insight features and capabilities that can support your DO-178B objectives. For more information, contact Klocwork at or register for a Free Trial.

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