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Klocwork's comprehensive source code analysis tools are used by automotive manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the security and reliability of their C/C++, Java and C# code.

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Enforce MISRA-C and MISRA-C++ coding standards

The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) coding standards provides guidance to the automotive industry (as well as many others) to help facilitate safe and reliable coding practices for safety-critical embedded software. Klocwork provides built-in, automated detection and reporting for MISRA-C and MISRA-C++. With our tools, MISRA coding standard violations can be reported automatically at the developer desktop and through our code review solution. Combined with Klocwork's leading defect detection capabilities, customers can implement defect detection and coding standard enforcement using just one tool.

Ensuring the software that drives our diagnostics and onboard systems for the automotive industry is MISRA compliant is an important milestone in our development process. The unique combination of critical defect detection and MISRA support offered by Klocwork is one of the key reasons we choose their static analysis solution.

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Static Analysis' Role in Automotive Functional Safety

The level of concurrency in automotive systems is increasing rapidly. With multithreaded code on multicore processors, the balance between dynamic analysis of code and static analysis of design and code is tipping heavily in favor of the latter.

Testing by analysis plays a major role in effective verification and validation - as reflected in many of the safety standards. Click here to watch.

During this webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Functional safety and ISO 26262
  • The balance between dynamic and static analysis
  • How purpose-built tools can simply the qualification process

Shaping the Future of Automotive Software Security

With millions of lines of code embedded in vehicle electronics, automobiles are becoming ever more susceptible to system crashes, viruses and hacks. Ensuring that automotive software is free of security vulnerabilities and defects is critical, which is why Klocwork has sought strategic alliances in the industry to help ensure the safety of today's vehicles.

As member of the QNX® Automotive Safety Program for ISO 26262, Klocwork is an important contributor in an ecosystem of vendors that offer complementary hardware, tool chains, graphics technologies and consulting services for safety critical systems. Learn more.

As members of the GENIVI® Alliance, Klocwork is lending its expertise in ensuring software security and reliability to a rapidly growing and highly software-dependent sector of the automotive industry. Learn more.


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