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With the most robust and comprehensive defect coverage for C/C++, Linux environment support, highly tunable analysis and unparalleled support for major coding standards, there is a reason why Klocwork is the absolute leader in embedded security.

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Serious tools for embedded development teams

Klocwork understands the mission critical nature of embedded software and the staggering costs of fixing defects in the field; this is why we offer the most scalable and comprehensive source code analysis tools for embedded development teams. With serious capabilities particularly with C/C++ code bases, Klocwork Insight offers top coverage for embedded software security defects such as buffer overflows, tainted data, uninitialized data and dangling pointers. Our groundbreaking, on-the-fly analysis at the desktop helps developers instantly identify security issues in code as it is being written while our comprehensive build reporting includes defect reporting by security standard.

Field outages and device downtime have a direct impact on future sales and brand integrity. It also takes time to investigate software issues, and we said, 'if there is a tool that can catch an issue before it causes an outage, then we simply must have that tool.'

Mat Furnari

Director, Overture


Threat Modeling for Secure Embedded Software

On-demand Webinar: Threat Modeling

Learn the importance of threat modeling for embedded software and specific mitigation strategies for development teams. Watch now.

White Paper: Software Verification for Medical Devices

Medical Device Software Verification

In this white paper for medical device manufacturers, learn how an effective verification process can help achieve FDA compliance. Learn more.

We've got your standards covered

Regardless of which industry your organization is in, or which security standards are most important to your team, we've got you covered. Klocwork offers the most comprehensive defect coverage, reporting and compliance for numerous standards and regulations including MISRA, CWE, CERT, ISO-26262, FDA, OWASP, SAMATE, DISA STIG and DO-178B.

All of the industry standards related code checkers come included with Klocwork Insight and are highly customizable so that you can enable or disable whichever checkers make sense within your organization. You even have the flexibility to create custom checkers if you wish.

Secure Coding Learning Center

Klocwork is committed to helping developers produce the most secure and reliable code possible. In addition to our award-winning source code analysis tools, we also provide free secure programming courses.

These highly technical online courses are aimed at helping developers understand and address key coding principles and challenges especially those with crucial important in embedded systems such as secure coding for C/C++, buffer overflows, injection vulnerabilities, uninitialized variables and much more. Learn more.