Software Security for Military and Aerospace

With the most comprehensive vulnerability detection, strongest embedded capabilities, the deepest defect coverage for C/C++, highly tunable analysis and support for major industry standards, Klocwork is the leading source code analysis provider to the aerospace and defense industries.

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Software Vulnerabilities in the Field are not an Option

Software assurance is important in many markets but there is no denying that in the military and aerospace sectors software security and reliability are nothing short of mission critical. In the air and on the battlefield, lives are on the line and software vulnerabilities open the door to disastrous consequences. Klocwork gets it, and this is why over the past decade we have worked with the top defense and aerospace organizations on the planet to help build the most powerful, comprehensive static code analysis available for mission critical embedded systems.

This isn't some after the fact black box penetration testing, Klocwork's static analysis capabilities are unique in the field. We offer both on-the-fly vulnerability detection so developers find and fix issues the instant they're created, and the most rigorous build analysis available. Period.

With Klocwork, our productivity has dramatically increased, leaving us with more time to mitigate any potential problems leveraging the 'what if' testing. As a result, our end product is stronger and Raytheon can get the end product to our customers more quickly than before.

Robert Young

Software Engineer, Raytheon


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Adhere to Key Security Standards

Regardless of which security standards are most important to your team, we've got you covered.

Klocwork offers the most comprehensive defect coverage, reporting and compliance for numerous standards and regulations including CWE, DISA STIGs, DO-178B, MISRA, CERT, ISO-26262, FDA, OWASP and SAMATE.

Address Cybersecurity Threats

The 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has mandated the use of source code analysis in the software development lifecycle as part of the US government's strategy to combat increasing cybersecurity threats.

Adhere to these new software assurance policies with Klocwork Insight's on-the-fly static analysis which allows developers to find and fix security vulnerabilities the moment they're introduced. Get started today with our free trial offer.