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Our comprehensive code analysis solution boosts software security for the biggest players in the mobile industry, but it's our unique integration into the developer workflow that makes us part of the arsenal of choice for savvy software developers around the world.

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Built for Mobile Device Development

Mobile development encompasses a wide spectrum, from kernel and platform engineering to development. Klocwork recognizes the unique challenges that mobile developers face and delivers a code analysis solution tailored to help them deliver the most secure and reliable products possible. With hundreds of different error checkers, including checkers that have context against every function call in the platform, we deliver the analysis that Java, C/C++ and embedded programmers have come to trust.

Klocwork Insight sports unique pre-checkin analysis capabilities at the developer desktop that can't be found in any other solution. Customizable checkers, code refactoring, code review capabilities and widespread IDE support means that mobile developers can eliminate defects faster and more confidently than ever before and spend more time on innovation instead.

In a global market, organizations compete to have faster, better, smarter and cheaper devices. Klocwork is helping us meet those demands effectively while enabling us to continue innovation and decrease our time to market.   

Faridah Gozleveli,

Science Advisory Board Associate.



White Paper: Enhancing Mobile Development

Enhancing Mobile Development

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Defend Against Injection Attacks

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Engineer a Better Platform

Whether you're building a peripheral driver or specialized library code, Klocwork Insight's C/C++ checkers help you deliver faster, safer and more reliable code. Discover memory leaks, deadlocks, data type sizing issues, buffer overflows, and much more at both the kernel and platform level. This reduces potential vulnerabilities and helps you deliver a solid foundation for others to build on.

Make Android Awesome

Klocwork Insight offers dedicated Android checkers that are designed to ensure your app is stable, secure and offers the best user experience. These checkers are aware of every function call on the Android platform and help you find issues that regular compilers can't handle: null pointer exceptions, invalid resources, infinite recursion and more. Rather than worry about the stability and security of your app, Klocwork Insight helps you focus on creating and monetizing that beautiful user experience.

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