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Vendors of carrier-grade infrastructure and handheld telecom devices are under constant pressure to deliver next-generation functionality with real-time reliability and stringent security standards, all while reducing costs. As the size and complexity of network and telecommunications systems grows it's critical that software developers have the necessary tools to deliver high-quality code from their desktops, because discovering defects and security vulnerabilities downstream is costly and inefficient.

That's why many of the world's leading network and telecom equipment vendors use Klocwork static analysis products to improve software reliability and security, and to reduce the cost of critical bugs by removing them at the point of creation: the developer's desktop.

Carrier-Grade Software Reliability and Security

Klocwork enables development teams to find potentially catastrophic defects and security vulnerabilities during development. Development teams can automate the review of large amounts of software source code prior to system builds so that these defects never make it into the code stream. This frees downstream Quality Assurance activities to focus on functional, integration, performance and other test activities.

Reduce the Cost of Defects

The earlier a software bug is identified and fixed, the less costly it is to the organization (click on the graph for details). But until recently, there have not been efficient mechanisms available to check for critical bugs during development - many organizations rely on manual code reviews, lint-type static code analyzers, or a limited set of dynamic analysis techniques, none of which are efficient or scalable to extremely large code bases.

Klocwork enables network and telecom equipment vendors to dramatically reduce the costs of software defects through automated source code analysis that ensures bugs never reach the code stream. Klocwork identifies bugs such as security vulnerabilities, quality defects, architectural breaches and maintainability issues prior to code check-in.

By combining the productivity benefits of desktop source code analysis with the power and accuracy of system-wide analysis, Klocwork Insight provides the best assurances that critical bugs never make it from the developer desktop into the code stream. That results in reduced software risk downstream during QA and production, making it an invaluable tool in the development of high-performance software.

[Read more about Klocwork Insight and the types of bugs that it detects.]

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