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Software development teams must ensure the reliability of their mission-critical software across millions of lines of code that has countless fingerprints and which increasingly incorporates open-source code - all while meeting ever tighter development schedules and tightening regulatory controls. It's a tall order, but with the high costs and risk associated with detecting and correcting security vulnerabilities and reliability defects late in the software development cycle, it's of vital importance. When software defects make it to market, the impact can be devastating to the bottom line, brand reputation, and in some cases, the future of the business.

Ensuring Software Reliability with Source Code Analysis

For leading software development organizations that build or maintain mission-critical applications, software defects introduce serious risk to the business, including:

  • Reducing developer productivity
  • Creating unnecessary bottlenecks in the software development lifecycle
  • Increasing software development costs

Identifying and correcting critical bugs early in the software development cycle mitigates these risks and the costs associated with them. Static source code analysis tools identify potentially catastrophic security vulnerabilities and reliability defects automatically and accurately. Static analysis is efficient because it does not require running code - it can operate even before software is compiled and integrated. This approach improves the reliability of software while enhancing developer productivity.

Mitigating Reliability Costs and Risk with Klocwork Insight

Klocwork Insight is a mature, scalable static source code analysis solution that enables accurate and efficient bug detection earlier in the development process than any other product. It can be deployed at the developer desktop at a cost that is orders of magnitude lower than correcting the same defect at build integration, later test phases, or after product release.

Klocwork Insight also has the unique ability to connect individual C, C++, Java and C# developers to the full system architecture to ensure the fullest possible coverage of the code base - including allowing developers to extend the analysis to suit their needs. With enterprise scalability, Klocwork enables organizations to integrate static analysis best practices to best suit their development processes and environments.

[Read more about Klocwork Insight and the types of bugs that it detects.]

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