The level of concurrency in automotive systems is increasing rapidly. With multithreaded code on multicore processors, the balance between dynamic analysis of code and static analysis of design and code is tipping heavily in favor of the latter.

While not a complete replacement for traditional testing methods, testing by analysis plays a major role in effective verification and validation - as reflected in many of the safety standards. ISO 13849 makes it explicit:

"When validation by analysis is not conclusive, testing shall be carried out to complete the validation. Testing is always complementary to analysis and is often necessary."

ISO 26262 recommends static code analysis for ASILs B to D and this webinar explores how static code analysis can be used as a real contributor to functional safety, rather than just deployed as a means of ticking another box during an audit.

During this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Functional safety and ISO 26262
  • The balance between dynamic and static analysis
  • How purpose-built tools can simply the qualification process
Presented by:
Chris Hobbs, OS kernel developer, QNX Software Systems
Steve Howard, sales engineer, Klocwork

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