See your architecture, optimize your code

Visualize and modularize software projects, hierarchies and interdependencies with the Klocwork rich code architecture platform. Through our integrations, build analysis data is loaded directly into the leading third-party architecture tools, to optimize overall software design, maximize code reuse, conduct detailed impact analysis, and more. 


Structure101 is an agile architecture development environment (ADE) that lets software development teams improve the organization of their codebases.

Building its model directly from the code, Structure101 empowers architects to visualize codebases, and work with the team to maintain architecture rules, diagrams and action lists that organize a code base into an efficient, modular hierarchy.

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Lattix extends Klocwork with an industry leading set of powerful architectural analysis tools.

Using a graphical visualization, with comprehensive architectural analysis and Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM) technology, developers and architects use Lattix tools to:

  • Understand system architecture
  • Validate and enforce design rules
  • Perform impact and risk analysis

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