Faster delivery of secure, reliable, and conformant code

As teams develop code with more features, shorter timelines, and stricter standards than ever before, it gets increasingly difficult to find bugs and fix security flaws. With this complexity, how do we stop data breaches and application crashes before they're passed on to the customer? How do we find them earlier in the process, so developers can spend more time creating real value for the customer rather than fixing defective code?

It starts at the developer's desktop. It's here where code is written, tested, reviewed, and written again. Finding problems here, at the earliest possible point before the build, means less testing later on and fewer downstream impacts to cost and schedule. It continues with Continuous Integration (CI), only Klocwork supports popular CI tools to perform analysis on incremental code changes, during check in, to keep pace with rapid release delivery cycles. Klocwork puts static code analysis where you need it, identifying critical safety, reliability, and coding standards issues in front of developers' eyes - before, during, and after check in.

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What makes Klocwork different?

Unlike other static code analysis tools, Klocwork integrates seamlessly into desktop IDEs, build systems, continuous integration tools, and any team's natural workflow. Mirroring how code is developed at any stage, Klocwork prevents defects and finds vulnerabilities on-the-fly, as code is being written.

Klocwork also helps prioritize work with SmartRank, the revolutionary new recommendation engine that prioritizes issues and helps select which ones to work on first.

Take prioritized, corrective action immediately to deliver more secure and reliable code.

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