See what's in your code

You need answers to complex questions about the security, reliability, and maintainability of your entire code base. With Klocwork, you get detailed information through customizable dashboards. Organize code metrics by what matters, including team, geography, components, and other attributes. 

Quickly access security reports

Klocwork includes built-in security reports to easily visualize the security status and vulnerability trends in your most important software projects. These reports are ideal for including in project status reports to management and other stakeholders.

Aggregate information across developer desktops

Klocwork automatically aggregates information about what is being found and fixed at the desktop even though it is never propagated into the source stream. Your teams will better understand the bug reduction activity before code check-in, generating a bottom-up view of how well bug containment efforts are working. Identify the areas of greatest risk within a code base early in an iteration. And see this information by people, groups, geography, components, and any other attribute that matters to your organization.

Klocwork is used in many of the largest, most demanding software development environments in the world. Try it on your code today by requesting a free product trial.

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