What's new with Klocwork

Klocwork 2017

Introducing SmarkRank - find and prioritize defects fast

Klocwork SmartRank helps developers prioritize issues and select which defects they will work on first. SmartRank provides a recommendation on which issues should be investigated first – the most valuable issues are at the top of the SmartRank list.

  • A defect recommendation engine to help developers prioritize and select which issues to work on first
  • Based on a sophisticated analysis of each individual defect during the (regardless of defect type or severity)
  • Use SmartRank with views, modules, and filters to improve developer efficiency when correcting quality and security issues

Launch of upgraded Analysis Engine

  • A number of algorithmic improvements have been made over the last few releases and are now completely integrated
  • Latest development includes improved tracking of numeric intervals for symbolic expressions
  • The results is increased accuracy and a 10 percent faster analysis times
  • The accuracy of the following checkers has been improved:
    • RCA

New Visual Studio extension

  • New terminology introduced: Desktop and server issues
  • Faster loading and sorting of issues in the IDE

New MISRA 2012 and Amendment 1 support:

  • 2 new taxonomies added which include Amendment 1
  • New MISRA 2012 Rules added:
    • Directive 4.14 (Added for Amendment 1)
    • Rule 8.4
    • Rule 13.3
    • Rule 17.8
    • Rule 18.4
    • Rule 21.8 (Updated for Amendment 1)
    • Rule 21.12
    • Rule 21.17 (Added for Amendment 1)
    • Rule 21.18 (Added for Amendment 1)
    • Rule 22.6

New C#6.0 language features:

  • Auto-property initializers
  • Function members with expression-bodies
  • Getter-only auto-properties
  • Index initializers
  • Using static

New C++11 features:

  • Alignment support
  • Strongly-typed enums

Klocwork continuous integration supports Jenkins plugin for MacOS

Improved and additional compiler support

  • Clang
  • GNU
  • HI-CROSS+ Motorola HC16 (new!)
  • Intel C++
  • MPLAB XC16 C (new!)
  • Nintendo N32 and N64 (new!)
  • Synopsys ARC MetaWare
  • WindRiver GCC