What's new with Klocwork

Klocwork 2018 delivers better defect finding capabilities, simplifies enterprise deployments, and expands coverage of industry compliance standards.

Klocwork 2018 features an all-new analysis engine, support for the latest IDEs including Android Studio 3.0, and includes coverage of the AUTOSAR C++14 standard.

New analysis engine with support for the latest C++ language features

The new analysis engine provides improved support for C++11, 14, and 17 language features. Improved support means you can be confident that Klocwork 2018 is performing the most complete analysis on the most complex C++ applications. The new analysis engine boasts improved detect defection accuracy.

AUTOSAR C++14 compliance

Klocwork 2018 features support for the AUTOSAR C++14 standard, a key part of delivering safety-compliant systems which include C++14.

Simplify your enterprise deployments

Klocwork 2018 makes it easier to manage large enterprise deployments with cross-version support for builds.  This allows large organizations to upgrade Server and Desktop tools while analyzing projects on prior versions of Klocwork. 

Improved and additional compiler support

Klocwork has always provided the highest quality of compiler emulation, which key to achieving a high degree of accuracy in defect detection. Klocwork 2018 continues this tradition with improved support for the following compilers:

  • Clang
  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • Wind River GCC